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Zombie Survival Guide

This page is about everything you need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. For the category click here.

This Zombie Survival Guide is based on the book The Zombie Survival Guide. I recommend you get this book. The book is written by Max Brooks.

Now we go to how to survive a Zombie Attack after Zombies start spreading across the country.


Well Zombies form after a new type or some type of disease epidemic occurs and spreads and affect the organs, mind of a normal human being. The effects are the zombies start walking slowly to take the life of a normal human being. The skin could turn green and other colors and blood could be seen. When Zombies take the life of a human they rip into the skin and touch and affect your organs and they make you look like them. This is known as Zombie apocalypse!


Zombies are these humans made into monsters. The disease is not know much but it maybe Hanson’s Disease which is known to make body parts fall of just like these bastards have. But researches have said it doesn’t make them fall off. They turn normal’s into them by biting their neck (like vampires) and later eating the rest of your body. They really are hungry for humans and their brains. They really want your flesh.


Their appearance is blood, green or blue colored skin, body parts missing and you can tell because they are not normal humans.


The Zombies walking style is much different to ours some zombies walk really slowly like in slow-motion but they put one of their foot first and limp forward kinda like they are stretching to walk forward or move forward.

Body Style/Language

Zombies body styles are their appearance and walk. But some of their bodies are half or mostly eaten. The parts that are eaten are from the bottom and near the chest where you can see the rib bones. Their language is just roar but a little one and some noises. Well actually they do growling.

When do they attack or come out in the open?

Well most of them come during the night when they come in huge numbers. When the night is over they probably go off to somewhere you can’t see them anymore. What about the day? Well only a few of them appear during the day with 1 or 2 still around. But you must still kill them. They wake up at night most of them are asleep in the day but if you move their body then they will wake up. Or if you make some noise they then will wake up. Here is how they would identify you

See You

Smell You

Hear You

Anyone taken?

If one of your survivors such as people you don’t know but who will fight with you against them, friends, loved ones or whoever were taken and killed by the zombies you must bury them and for the zombies you must start a little fire using wood, matches or a lighter whatever to burn the bodies so there would be no smell of the dead. Animals can be also taken so take of your pet or horse you ride on to get into the city if there is no more gas for cars or any other way of travel.


When Zombies attack during the night or during the day in the city shoot from a high distance/position where they can’t see you. Don’t shoot from a low position where they could see you and maybe attack you and you might become a zombie. Always aim for the head because one shot to the brain will shutdown the zombies body and make all connections of the disease in the body shutdown but it will remain in all of the organs, brain (the main control), blood (Inside, Outside, the blood that spilled out of the body after being bitten).

Places less-likely Effected

Big Cities such as New York , Chicago, Boston are less likely to be effected cause there are medical and research center and major supplies and weapons and survivors. Well Wrong! Because in Cities large groups of Zombies appear! Never trust the cities.

Areas Effected

The only places effected are small towns and Unincorporated Areas and the county they are in. The reason is that they are not like the cities. They don’t have much research or medical centers and the latest technology to keep them up with the news and the only thing they have is just a TV. People such as farmers and cowboys from the south states such as Texas have on weapon which is only a shotgun.

Unincorporated Area

An Unincorporated Area is a type of place that is not part of a municipality (City, Town, or a Village). This place in America is in all of the states. Some State Governments have allowed these places to have their own kind of rule. The area has small jobs and sometimes a smaller population. Even stores are small like the Grocery Store.

Nutbush grocery store (2004)

Nutbush grocery store (2004)


Once this Zombie outbreak starts. You need a place to hide to survive. The best places are when stores have a one place in and one place out. Kinda-like an entrance/exit place. It’s kinda like the picture above a grocery store. Here are some heads up for survival.

Camp Out

Start a camp full of survivors and you and your family near a river or creek where there is easy access of food and water. To protect the camp get supplies and weapons and do a daily check out in the nearby woods to make sure there are no zombies nearby and make sure they don’t attack the camp. If you see one call for backup and get guns and other types of weapons like brooms, axes to kill the zombie or zombies depending on how many there are. Like in The Walking Dead.


If you want to rebuild a life of a survivors after things fall apart. Establish a town where there are buildings, gas stations ,farms, police, fire and other stations, hospitals, schools, library’s, stores, restaurants, etc… To get into town you must build a fence all around the town so no walkers could get in and attack people in your town. During night everyone must be able to shoot from high distances over the fence. Create town districts such as farm districts, school districts, in the west create a district called a 2nd district which is just one apartment building where people can live. From my view it’s seems good if you have a hard time understanding well don’t worry it’s just survival.


The world is running out of food but  you need to find as much food as you can. Go to a grocery store and find/get cans of food of vegetables, bags of chips, cartons of milk, bottles of soda, gallons of wateretc… For more check it out here. Also you can hunt animals but make sure you catch up to them cause maybe some zombies might eat them. Well too bad for you then.


Keep up with the news on how to survive a zombie outbreak. Wherever you are if the news is in your town or if not and the closets is too my a town away still keep up with the news. Here are a list of news stations all over the country from one main controller.

CBS News Stations

NBC News Stations

Fox News Stations

ABC News Stations

CW News Stations

NY1 News Stations


Weapons are needed to stop the spread of the disease and stop zombies from ruling the world. Get tons of weapons and never leave any of them behind by mistake or you forgot because some weak weapons could become very useful. You must have tons of ammunition also known as ammo. You must have  at least of tons of packages filled with ammo. Guns, Axes, Knife, bow & arrow, explosives, cord weapons (Sling Shots), crowbar, shovels, pitchforks, chainsaw, bats (Baseball Bat, golf clubs, other sports stuff.), Walkie-talkies, GPS, Binoculars, Flashlights, throwing weapons (Kunai), body protector (bulletproof vest, helmet, neck protector, knee pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads), All Sports Gear, etc…are all needed.


Survivors that you find could fight with u and the more survivors you have the better and easier it is to fight the zombies and to find supplies and do repairs to your barricadeAlso to travel so you won’t you be alone and carry weapons to decrease the amount of weight of carrying weapons. But with food there is going to be a problem. Family members and people you know such as friends or neighbors who are still alive can join you for survival. Also survivors can carry weapons and ammo so you won’t have to find a weapon for them.

Use of Radio, Television, Internet

To find survivors use a radio telecast or broadcast around the area of your survival. To do that you must do it at a nearest radio station. You could use the power of the TV to broadcast your self calling for more survivors. To do that you must do it at the nearest News Station or TV Station. The next option is the internet. Sites like Youtube, Facebook or Twitter. With Youtube post videos of your survival by day and keep asking for survivors. With Facebook gather your friends and family and post on other people’s wall you are alive to make them join your group to kill the zombies. Twitter, well you tweet for survivors and get them to join. It’s just so simple! If you have internet and TV access.

Keep Track

To Keep Track for your survivors create and attendance list of names of your survivors if one of the survivors never say here that means somethings wrong. You may search for them but you might forget about it. Also keep an updated photo of them to know which one is who.

Survivor Jobs

With survivors they must have a roster spot they must fit-in. One to 5 people can guard the outside of your barricade, other can guard the inside of each room of your survival base. Here is a list of jobs they can do


Outside-Guard the barricade with a maximum of 5-6 people, also the entrance to the base which is beyond the barricade

Inside-They can guard all rooms through the windows as look-outs. Also set up barricades everywhere in your house or apartment as backup ones. You can guard them also.


Send at least 10 survivors to find extra supplies, weapons, or survivors. Be hopeful none of them get lost.

Places to hideout/Survival Locations

The Best ones are places that have one way in and one way out.

Forts-Military Places (Tons of weapons and supplies you could use)

Stores-All kinds (Music, 99 Cents, etc…)

Blacksmith’s Shop

Coffee Shops



Department Stores

Police Station (Department)/Sheriff’s Office

Fire Department/Station

Church/or other religious places

Park Storage

Gas Station/Quick Stop

Car Wash






Old Abandoned Houses or other abandoned places

Medical Center/Hospital/Pharmacy

Gun Shops/Weapons Stores/Knife Stores


Parlor/Beauty Parlor/Hair Salon/Nail Salon/Barber Shop/Tattoo Parlor

Food Delivery Places

Tool Stores/Tool Shed


Prisons (Jail)

Book Stores


TV Station

Radio Station

News Station


Movie Studios or other company places

Movie Theater

Grocery Stores


The Woods-Set a little camp out in the middle but to mark your territory attach a long string from camp out and around the other areas.

Near by a river or creek-There is a rich supply of fresh water and enough food.

Soup Kitchen

Auto Shop





Train Station (Metro Station)

Bus Station

Town Hall/Or other government buildings

Post Office (Mail Center)

Resorts/Vacation Places (Hotel, etc..)


Barber Shops

Construction Sites

Museum (History, etc…)


Now you must be wondering do I have to leave my original residence. The answer is yes only when it gets too much. You might want to move to a smaller areas like an unincorporated area as mentioned before above. Now if you want to leave your current survival location you must have supplies. Here are a list of them

Water/Food-at least enough over 3 days

Batteries-to power up any electrical device

Radio-to hear the news about the attacks and weather

First Aid Kit-All Medicines to help heal the wounded

Whistle-To call for help

Dust mask-To cover yourself from contaminated air

Towels/Garbage Bags-To dry yourself up from showers and to get rid of useless items

Wrench/Pliers/Screwdrivers/Hammers/Hammer Nails and other tools-To repair barricade and other items.

Can Opener-To open canned food

Local Maps-To find the nearest location to survive

From:Zombie Hub

Secondary Supplies

-Prescription medications and glasses

-Infant formula and diapers

-Pet food and extra water for your pet

-Important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container

-Cash or traveler’s checks and change

-Emergency reference material such as a first aid book survival manuals, Yellow Book

-Sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person. Consider additional bedding if you live in a cold-weather climate. Pillows.

-Complete change of clothing including a long-sleeved shirt, long pants and sturdy shoes. Consider additional clothing if you live in a cold-weather climate.

-Household chlorine bleach and medicine dropper – When diluted nine parts water to one part bleach, bleach can be used as a disinfectant. Or in an emergency, you can use it to treat water by using 16 drops of regular household liquid bleach per gallon of water. Do not use scented, color safe or bleaches with added cleaners.

-Fire Extinguisher

-Matches in a waterproof container

-Feminine supplies and personal hygiene items

-Mess kits, paper cups, plates and plastic utensils, paper towels-Paper and pencil/pen

-Books, games, puzzles or other activities for children

From:Zombie Hub

Other Supplies

Newspapers-Keep them archived by date and to keep them to keep up with the news

Book-bags-To carry supplies


Ribbons & Wrapping Stuff

Ropes, Strings




Flares (Firework type)

Office Supplies (Ruler, Tape, Post-its, Staplers/ Staples, Stamps, Paper Clips, Scissors, labels, etc…)





Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Dental Floss

Broom/Pan & Brush

Movies, Cd’s, DVD’s

Household Products/Cleaning Products (Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Sponges, Landry Detergents, Downy, Tide, Clorox, Disinfecting wipes, 409, Febreze, Tables, Napkins, Paper Towels, Chairs, Windex, Chlorine Bleach, Palm Olive, Napkins, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper)

Phones/Cell Phones

Electrical Machines and wires/plugs

Tape Recorder

Decorations (Of all kinds)

Glasses or Magnifying Glasses


Badges, Hats

Metal Utensils

Lighter, Candles

Tents, Umbrella

Nets, Butterfly Nets, Hair Nets

Traps (Net Kinds of traps, etc…)

Trash Cans, Trash Lids


Lamps (Kerosene)

Shoe Rack, Coat Hanger, and all kinds of racks & Hangers

Wood, Metal, Plastic, Iron (Metal), Steal, Gold, Sliver, Bronze

Iron (For your clothes)

Containers (To hold items or food)

Carts/Shopping Carts


Mirrors, Glass

Boxes, Crates, Cages, Mats

Plastic Bag, Ziploc Bags

Remotes to electrical items or devices

Jewelry (Gold, Sliver,etc… Gold rings, Earrings, Gold Chain)

Keys (Tod doors, Safes or your car or some other vehicle)

Locks-To Lock personal items and make sure you never lose them



Clocks, Watches(Wrist Watch, Pocket Watch, etc…)


Signs, Posters, Fliers



Rubber Band, Hair Clips, Scrunches

Basket or Buckets

Kitchen Supplies (Grill, Fryers, Spatula, etc…)

Fishhooks, Fishing Nets


Guitar, and other musical  instruments


Water, Juice, Soda, Alcohol


Cigarettes, Cigars, Tobacco, Pipe, Weed, Marijuana, Narcotics

TV Shows

The Walking Dead

Blog Posts



Atlanta Run

The Last Stand

The Last Stand 2

Wikipedia Articles

The Zombie Survival Guide

Max Brooks

Zombie apocalypse


Hanson’s Disease

New York , Chicago, Boston


Unincorporated Area


America is in all of the states

CBS News Stations

NBC News Stations

Fox News Stations

ABC News Stations

CW News Stations

NY1 News Stations




The Walking Dead

Great References

Zombie Survival Kit-The original source

Bestest place to hide out during a zombie attack

10 places to hide during a Zombie Apocalypse (Part 1)

Where will you hide when the Zombie Apocalypse starts? (part 2)

Essential Gear to Survive a Zombie Attack

20 Emergency Preparedness Foods You Can Find at the Grocery Store

Grocery / Deli Supplies

Complete Range of Hotel Supplies …

Survival Video


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