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The Culture of Barack Obama

This page here has jokes and comedy and doesn’t contain any bias or conservative or any political party/religious point of views on the topic of Barack Obama. So there is no need for hateful comments attacking the page which could lead to serious trouble if you want some. Please be advised to enjoy the comedy we have worked our butts off providing this to you! Enjoy!

This page is about the popular culture surrounding Barack Obama. For the non-existing category click here.

This page here is the honor one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States Barack Obama. When Obama became president back in 2008 that marked the start of a new era in the country. An era which many people thought would last a lifetime. If he gets reelected in 2012 that culture will continue for the next 4 years into the 8 year span of his presidency. And he did. For more see it at the bottom part below the Bin Laden section.

Well let’s get started with the start of the culture

2008 Election To Presidency

The cover of Australia’s The Age newspaper the day after Obama was elected in November 2008

Sure it was tight race and Obama whooshed into power and became the first African-American to ever be in office. When news first broke out the world of international media praised to him like a god and all the newspapers and media were so proud of him that he was the most powerful black man in the world. Most Newspapers supported him; Here is the list. Also check out the list of all the endorsement support here.

His slogan was Yes We Can was we know is the most common one. But that was the chant and the real Slogan was Change We Can Believe In. His campaign was so effective that he did bring change and people did believe in it. His rival party the Republicans even supported him. Here is the list of his campaign members.

For the campaign which lead to become what he is today. Also for the candidates click here and for the primaries see it here. The results are listed here.

The Victory Speech

After he won the race he made a big speech on November 5, 2008. The crowd attendance was an estimated 240,000. This become the most watched acceptance speech and most repeated political address in history.

“I thank you for accepting me for being the President of America. But when I get inducted I will become the most powerful Black Man of the World and also the President of the World!”

The Obama Logo

You know that logo of his campaign was one of the first to show a Sun type showing peace and a new good world. That logo made us feel re-born in a world that can thrive under this man. The logo has gotten some really positive reception. It was so popular Guess What? It was even used for a Democratic Alliance party in South Africa but in a different design but the same shape.  The logo’s history dates back to late 06 and it was launched as the first and official logo when Barack began to run for president on February 10, 2007 in the town of Springfield, Illinois.  But this logo was not the first idea as well there were several that look good but were rejected. For the complete list click here.

The logo was designed by Sender LLC.

The Obama Hope Poster

Another Classic logo for Obama was the hope poster. It was clearly a classic one. It showed we can have faith in Obama and Hope in the President of the World. It was the only poster for a candidate who showed people what Hope would be if you elect him into office.

Oprah-A Rival Black Billionaire

Oprah Winfrey became the first celebrity to support Barack Obama with his election run. Her endorsement for Obama even gained him votes alone in the primary. The number of votes were 1,015,559 (with a 95% confidence interval of 423,123 to 1,596,995). Man he felt like a GOD! Here is his reaction on the night she was with them.

“I am so going to bang these 2 chicks tonight when we get back into the Hotel Room”


After the setup for election was done a convention for Obama and Biden was held in Denver. Obama was the major winner with a rating of 3,188.5 (72.15%). Biden had a rating of 100% (Acclamation). For the schedule click here.

Rock & Roll and other Music Hosting

On February 4, 2008 a band had held a fundraiser for his campaign. It was called Deadheads for Obama. The band is now no longer operative as it was called Grateful Dead. It raised more than $150,000.

The Official Poster

A musical show called Hope! – Das Obama Musical. It premiered on January 17, 2010 and it is the first production about an American President/President of the World while he is still in office.

A 2007 song called I Got a Crush… on Obama became viral supporting the President in his run for president. Here is the video on the bottom of the pic. Another song was released on Youtube in 2008 in Spanish called Sí Se Puede Cambiar. See it below the Crush video. The Girl’s name was not Obama Girl but rather Amber Lee Ettinger.

This girl has a huge crush on Obama

“Get Ready Obama I’m going to ride your ride!”

First Transition

Before Barack joined the occupancy of world leader he had to do something called Office of the President-Elect. It wasn’t much consider to be used. But under Barack it was first used it 08 as it was first formed back in 1968.

Oh That’s Right! I’m using it

2009 Becoming the President of the World

Barack had a transition for becoming President and it was a huge and powerful step for him. In order for him to become the President of the World he had to make sure that Bush was ready to leave. After all he did and when he sat down in the office he got a letter from him saying ”Congrats You have become the first/first black man to be the President of the world!” The transition ended in the next section with the official oath to becoming the President of the World.

President George W. Bush (left) and President-elect Barack Obama (right) meet in the Oval Office of the White House as part of the Presidential transition

Introduced to becoming the Powerful Black Man of the World

Obama was inaugurated into office on January 20, 2009. This was the biggest oath into office for a president. After all the polling and reactions made him the biggest and first man who ran for office to be favored by every country and organization in the world. This was the step for him to becoming the President of the World.

Barack Obama takes the oath of office of the President of the World

World President Barack Obama’s official portrait for President of the World for Life

As part of actions in world office he decided to add a worldwide security system where it was called Barack Obama is Watching You!

Oh, You Know What You Done!


When Obama became President of the World he created his own religion and government belief ideas which were signed into law and had to be worshiped every morning, afternoon & every night. For morning rituals you say Obama has given us hope to make us survive through the night. In the afternoon you say Thank you Obama and in the night you pray to Obama to make sure you make us live for many more years to come. The followers believe in hope and change which are positive. It’s similar to Communism but Obamaified. As a result everything was named after him. For the list click here.



“Hold on a minute Congress let me just think”

The Card-Stacking Fame Gain

In office he stacked cards in a pyramid shape form and it was set in a new record. The record time was under 60 seconds. Well in Obama Time it was from 000000.01 seconds to 59.9 seconds. So he finished at exactly 1 seconds. That’s because he is so cool. For more about the world record click here.

“Damn I’m on Fire Tonight”

Obama shows the Chinese how much better he is than them!

Obama Bible

Obama used Abraham Lincoln’s Bible during his inauguration. Now it is called the Obama Bible.

It’s mine now!


There are several honors to the world president. Here is the list

Official Portrait for Obama Day and for the U.S. President Portraits

The Second Official Portrait for Obama Day and for the U.S. President Portraits

War on the Moon

On June 18, 2009 Obama launched a war with the approval of the United Nations since that represents the World Government since Obama is the President of the World. Anyway the CIA found weapons of mass destruction on the Moon which lead to the very first Lunar-American War. During the process of the war the United States launched an attack on the southern side of the Moon which later became the result of why the media didn’t care about the war. The countries that were involved were United  States, Andorra, Vatican & Costa Rica. NASA & other space projects on the moon or were going to take place on the moon. NASA was involved in working with the CIA in finding the weapons and leading war strategies. The war ended on April 15, 2010 as the United States surrendered and gave up their colonized section of the moon. The reason was because the cost of the war was increasing so with budget cuts nearly on the way the world surrendered. More Info on the war is located on the bottom.

On January 4, 2011, Obama signed into law which ended the war officially as it took time to recover the economy. President Obama said this at the U.N. meeting before the war

We now believe, and have credible evidence to support, that the Moon is harboring weapons of mass destruction. We shall therefore commence bombardment of the lunar surface to make them submit to our will.

First Lunar-American War
Date June 18, 2009 – April 15, 2010
Location The Lunar surface
Result Surrender of the United States of America.
Locations on the southern pole of the Lunar surface that were claimed by the United States for colonization were formally ceded back to the Moon at the cessation of hostilities in April 2010.
25px United States 25px The Moon
1,029,874 1 giant ball of rock
Military dead:

  • US Army: 0
  • US Marines: 0
  • US Air Force: SSgt Juan Rodriguez (1)
  • NASA: 0

Civilian dead:

  • None

Total dead: 1

Obama at the United Nations giving his speech about launching the war and asking the states owned by the United States who were countries to get ready to go to war against the moon. The U.N. approved the war and launched it.


Noble Peace Prize

In 2009 Obama won the 2009 Noble Peace Prize as a tribute for becoming the first president of the world. He made a speech thanking then countries from the pole now states of America. He said this in the speech To say that force is sometimes necessary is not a call to cynicism — it is a recognition of history; the imperfections of man and the limits of reason.

100 Day Review

Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office were probably the best moments he had. After all he is a strong powerful black man. Last not forget the very first controversy which began right before he was even the leader. He had a slip in the speech when he was getting inaugurated. That judge guy screwed it up and it’s his fault and he hates Black people. Somebody should hang the fascist, racist judge. That judge is John Roberts. For the full review of his first year in office click here. Anyway the big picture was Barack’s party members. Here is the photo

2010 Settling In

Barack had just now settled in as president. In his second year more good things came as his presidency continued on. Not much had happened for him. For the full review of his second year in office click here. But already getting in former president Bush right before him had a fan based billboard saying Miss Me Yet?.

2011 Obama Got Osama

After a boring year Obama decided to change things up to keeps his popularity and his culture alive. On April 4 he decided to re-run for President of the World in 2012. On May 2 President of the World took down the worlds most evil person ever. He was Osama Bin Laden. That’s right Obama Got Osama. The death marked a great victory for America and the World. Even the Ladies gave him support with T-Shirts below this one. Here is the website that supports this action of removal of hate. The website is called ObamaKilledOsama. For the full review of his third year in office click here.

There are no words to fill this caption so it is all described in the image right here

I would so date Obama after he got Osama!



Obama used his Black-belt power to beat down Bin Laden.

A spoof came out Obama announcing Osama’s death. Check it out here.

The Culture Now Sets In!

For the support Obama was seen in comic books. In many forms such as Spider-Man and others. The Spider-Man issue was No.583. Below the spider-man are others

From The Amazing Spider-Man #583 Variant (January 2009) Art by Phil Jimenez & Barry Kitson.

Barack the Barbarian

See how he gets the girl every time

Super Obama

Later Obama unveiled his secret identity. He came out truthful saying he was ObamaMan. Man he is certainly a great bad-ass president. The logo is a spin-off from Superman’s S Logo while Obama has the O Logo. Here are his campaign pics in support of ObamaMan

Super-Obama to the Rescue!

Obama in front of statue of his predecessor which later passed it down to him

A power of Super-Obama

More Superhero Stuff

These images here will help you

Master Obama shows his Powers!

Obama-Wan Kenobi!

Obama Bin Laden

Took much confusion about Barack Obama & Osama Bin Laden. Why? Well that’s because the name Obama & Osama have some similarities. Here it is



The B & S can be switched around to switch the names. This lead to names for Barack such as

  1. Obama Bin Laden
  • Barack Bin Laden
  • Barack Obama Bin Laden
  1. Barack Osama Bin Laden
  • Barack Obama Osama Bin Laden

The Hussein Middle Name

Despite Obama’s middle name being Hussein there are some other names such as

  1. Hussein Obama
  • Obama Hussein
  1. Barack Hussein Obama
  • Barack Obama Hussein
  • Hussein Barack Obama
  • Obama Hussein Barack
  1. Barack Hussein Osama Obama
  • Barack Osama Hussein Obama
  • Barack Osama Bin Laden Hussein Obama
  • Barack Hussein Osama Bin Laden Obama
  • Barack Obama Hussein Osama
  • Barack Obama Hussein Osama Bin Laden
  • Barack Obama Osama Hussein
  • Barack Obama Osama Bin Laden Hussein
  • Barack Osama Obama Hussein
  • Barack Osama Bin Laden Obama Hussein
  • Barack Obama Hussein Osama
  • Barack Obama Hussein Osama Bin Laden
  • Baraq Hussein Osama
  • Barack Osama

Here are some photos of Obama as Osama.

Obama Bin Laden giving his first interview saying he has faith in DESTROYING! America while he is still President of America!

Well he did promise “Change”

The Official Presidential Portrait of the first Muslim president of America:Baraq Hussein Osama

His other form:Saddam Hussein Obama

I think that’s why he won the Election!

2012 Reelection to Presidency

“Take that Mitt!”

Obama announced he would rerun for president in April 2011. Although there were many republicans for the race to win the nomination and office but nearly all of them except one dropped out. For the others see it here. The man who did not quit was Mitt Romney who proved to be the biggest loser of them all as he ran in 08 but dropped out and now lost this election making him to never run again. Many of the endless news coverage and polls show both candidates nearly tied or tied for state support or other categories. But in the end our President for Life won again.

But he did make changes for his campaign. Such as a new logo and slogan. His slogan was called Forward! For this rerun he spent around $400 million dollars. But how did he get there well his  beer production helped him get votes and now he can focus on that with more years locked in as president. So before we go further here is the logo and his beer slinging votes.

“Free Beer if you vote for me!”

Election Night

Although there was not much into his side of the race but the night of the election counted the most were CNN put blue for Obama in his lead in the race and red for Romney for his side on the Empire State Building. In the end the entire building became blue showing that he had obviously won it all.

Obama Reaction:”That’s my building now!”

He then later met his opponent, Mitt Romney, who thought he could beat him for lunch. Romney sat in shame because he had the ignorance and arrogance to think he could win and beat Obama. During the meal Obama talked about his victory non-stop while Romney apologized and listened on how wrong he was and acknowledged how dumber he was/is than Barack.

Obama:”You lost remember?”

So there’s not much to say except Congratulations Mr. Barack Obama for again becoming The World President for Life.

Sports Figure

Obama has known to be a wonderful athlete in among many sports such as these photos prove

“Down, Set, Hike!”

He even beat out Jesus in a one on one match

Video Games

One video game got him a true friendship with Nintendo or something like that. It is called Super Obama World.

Obama’s World


By the People: The Election of Barack Obama

TV Appearances

Obama has appeared on TV for a few memorable moments such as the Barack Roll. For all of his other appearances check out

That’s All!

Well we hoped you enjoyed this fantastic page on President Barack Obama. We have worked for at least 2 months on this project and now it pays off.

Thank You!


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