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FBI looked into OWS

December 25, 2012

CBS New York reports Report: FBI Counter-Terror Agents Investigated Occupy Wall Street Advertisements

OWS is drying up

June 7, 2012

AOL reports Occupy Wall Street’s Survival In Question As Donations Dry Up

OWS Books

May 26, 2012

AOL reports Occupy Wall Street Sues New York City Over Books Confiscated From ‘People’s Library’

Occupy looking for comeback;We know that will never happen

April 30, 2012

CBS New York reports OWS Planning ‘May Day’ Demonstration, Marches Throughout NYC

Occupy celebrates anniversary by going to jail

March 18, 2012

CBS News reports Police sweep ends Occupy anniv. protest

Occupy loses Money

March 10, 2012

CBS News reports Occupy Wall Street now low on cash

OWS losing Money

January 17, 2012

NYDailyNews reports Occupy Wall Street in ‘winter hibernation’ as donations dwindle and weather gets icy

OWS will Suck in 2012

January 9, 2012

MSNBC reports Occupy 2012: Firmly disorganized, driven by dreams

OWS occupied Wikileaks mobile

January 3, 2012

Gawker reports The Wikileaks Truck Is For Sale

OWS gets brand named food

January 3, 2012

Gothamist reports Occupy Hamburger?