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Mets New BP Cap

December 27, 2012

Ted Berg reports Everybody freak out: Mets unveil new batting practice hat Advertisements

New Mets colors are hot

December 5, 2012

Ted Berg reports Same third baseman, brand new hat

This is the Jets

November 26, 2012

Ted Berg reports Fireman Ed quits, blames ‘society in general’

Cannon for T-shirts now launching Tacos

November 2, 2012

Ted Berg reports T-shirt cannon technology finally used to launch tacos

Infomercial fail

November 1, 2012

Ted Berg reports Great infomercial failures

Animal Photobomb

October 31, 2012

Ted Berg reports Cow photobombs horse

Ball hits bat 3 times

October 23, 2012

Ted Berg reports Angels of BABIP smile on San Francisco

Carlos is hungry

October 16, 2012

Ted Berg reports ALERT: Carlos Beltran eats a baseball

This could help guys organize food for game day

August 14, 2012

Ted Berg reports This exists

Guys!!! There is a water-balloon RPG!!!! WHAT THE F@@@@@@!

July 26, 2012

Ted Berg reports Want want want want want