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Farewell to the Commentary

June 18, 2012

Farewell to the Commentary! Today we posted the last Commentary ever. It has been a great time posting our thoughts on news headlines and random topics that interested us. You fans who have enjoyed this run sorry we had to do this but our blog is changing is direction. So all’s well that ends well! Farewell to the […]

Pen & Paper: The greatest invention ever

June 18, 2012

Well this article from Newser caught my attention when it said that Pen & Paper is the gadget of the year. Well it turns it to be true as smartphones and apple products system of writing can’t replace the old-fashioned way of pen and paper. When we type with our mobile phones we use mostly […]

The internet animal hall of famer is…

March 17, 2012

I stumbled upon on an article from the Gothamist and it came to my attention that the internet loves Cats way too much. It’s becoming too annoying for us and we need to end it. So people now more cat videos,photos on the internet. From what I believe cats have become popular on the internet […]

Congress is nothing anymore

March 11, 2012

3 days ago I found this article from Newser which talks about that Congress of the U.S. last year had its lowest rating in history. But it wasn’t about the rating it’s about the hating of Congress. Well it turns out that Congress hates itself. This article came to my importance because the title Even Congress […]

What’s the number one problem with the media? Well I’ll tell you

February 26, 2012

You know the American Media has always been the most stuck up, nosey type of people there are. Well when people are put on the spotlight in a bad report about them then people turn on them like they hate them. Those reports come right out of the newspaper since they are the first to report […]

Subway really wants some attention

February 25, 2012

Lately I have been noticing that Subway has really lost its media attention. So in response they sent out many annoying ads about this month special. Well the special is the foot long in a month-long event called FebruANY. So here’s my message to Subway on these heart-throbbing ads. I understand you have lost some […]

The Dad was right to shoot the laptop

February 12, 2012

Since the viral video on youtube sprung showing a Dad from Texas shooting his daughter’s laptop that he repaired over a Facebook comment on her wall post showing her anger about doing work around the house. Well he was right as a parent to do that because he just spent over a hundred dollars adding […]

Burger King made our lives easier on the couch

January 28, 2012

Are any of you a couch potato? Well I know I am one of them. It’s going to be luck for those in Washington D.C. Well that’s because Burger King is planning to do delivery to home and such which means pick up the phone, dial the number and without moving from the couch you […]

The mint hot chocolate doesn’t make you cool!

January 24, 2012

It got me to realize that this so-called Cool thing for guys got me pissed off. This commercial from Dunking Donuts shows a guy and his girl drinking their mint hot chocolate coffee and he asks If the mint makes this hot chocolate cool, then does the mint hot chocolate make me cool? Then the […]

The internet has a right to protest against SOPA & PIPA

January 22, 2012

Recently Congress is pushing to pass laws called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (PROTECT IP Act). These laws are supposed to stop illegal marketing online and protect people from buying stuff online as well. Well that is not true as Congress wants to censor the internet which takes away the whole reason we […]