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American Culture:Greaser

July 19, 2013

Well it’s finally back after an 11 month period of absence American Culture comes back since August of 2012. We had planned to do in April and June but was pushed back. So anyways today’s topic is a classic 50’s era and was made famous in the hit film Grease. A Greaser is usually or always a […]

American Culture:Wise Guy Way

August 3, 2012

This is something that the mafia member call themselves among the group which is Wise guy. The meaning of the term is someone who is pure Italian or in this case Sicilian. The way of the wise guy is that he is smart no matter what happens he knowns he’s right even when he’s wrong he’s right. […]

American Culture:Male Law

August 3, 2012

It has been 5 months since we last did this and well we have an interesting topic for you today. This is about men stuff. This article talks about the official law/rules of how guys should do things. There are the 10 commandments which you can see here. To make things easier we will list […]

American Culture:Parking Space

February 26, 2012

This came to my inspiration from the hit show Seinfeld. The episode The Parking Space came to my attention that we can settle the parking issue that has occurred since 1992. When Mike tried to park head first at the same time George parked tail first they stopped and it resulted in a battle over […]

American Culture:Toe Memory

January 25, 2012

Have you ever seen The King of Queens? Well I do. Anyway so I was watching it Yesterday and when Arthur played by Jerry Stiller had numbers on his socks. So he said it’s all about Toe Memory. This is where it leads to our topic of the day. Toe Memory is a plan of […]

American Culture:Handshakes

January 24, 2012

Today we talk about the most frequent gesture in American Culture. That gesture is handshakes. There are some types such as these listed below. Hand Hug: The “handhug” is popular with politicians, as it can present them as being warm, friendly, trustworthy and honest. This type of handshake involves covering the clenched hands with the […]

American Culture:Past-Time

December 18, 2011

There’s nothing like a father son time at a classic original baseball game. Baseball is America’s past-time. The sport has been around for at least 200 years. Baseball has been called America’s Past-Time for many reasons such as it was one of the first sports to be in the country. Since 1869 professional baseball was […]

American Culture:Vegas

December 5, 2011

There’s nothing like to be married to create a new chapter in your life. Well in some cases you might do it at a church or in Vegas. When couples get engaged and travel to Vegas they get this crazy idea that they want to go get married. That is what we call Las Vegas […]

American Culture:Fleeing the Country

October 9, 2011

This is our first post of the series after posting none in September. So let’s get on with it. Today the topic is Fleeing the Country. Now we are not saying anything about the criminals and bad guys. But for people who own a business/work at a business. Usually the boss who runs the company […]

American Culture:The Restaurant Bill

August 21, 2011

Boy was that a good meal today buddy. Thanks for taking me. (Right in between the waiter or waitress puts the bill on the table. Usually a waitress gives the guy a smile,laugh or a body movement along with the smile and laugh meaning she likes him). So after a few seconds one or two […]