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Cornell West explains Fox News’ fear of Black Lives Matter

Philosopher and activist Cornell West asserted over the weekend that Fox News was opposed to the Black Lives Matter movement because of “white fear grounded in white privilege.”

On Sunday’s edition of Relibable Sources, CNN host Brian Stelter noted that Fox News personalities had described Black Lives Matter as a “murder movement” and a “hate group” over the last week.

“They said the same thing about Martin King,” West pointed out. “Any time you have black raged expressed based on black suffering in the face of white fear grounded in white privilege, that clash is one, in fact, that you’re going to get some hyperbolic rhetoric.”

“Have you seen them going about engaging in injurious harm to police?” the activist asked. “There’s no evidence of that whatsoever.”

CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill reminded Stelter that Fox News had completely different talking points “when the Tea Party had people with racist signs and people who had Obama looking like a monkey.”

“They said, ‘Oh, those are outliers, they don’t represent the Tea Party movement as such,’” Hill remarked. “Why can’t the same sort of generosity be given to those involved in this movement?”

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Sept. 6, 2015.

Credit: Raw Story

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