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O’Reilly and Fox prove they are not human in this demoralizing piece on the homeless

Young Turks hosts Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola ripped Fox’s Jesse Watters on Wednesday for his O’Reilly Factor report casting aspersions at New York City’s homeless population, calling him out for his on-camera antipathy toward the black people he interviewed for the segment.

“Jesse Watters is just a deplorable human being,” Kasparian said. “I have no respect for him whatsoever.”

The segment, which aired on Monday, showed Watters interviewing homeless people around Penn Station.

Iadarola noted that, while each of the homeless people featured on camera were black, the only white people Watters featured were commuters “inconvenienced” by their presence.

“I’ve always had a little bit of sympathy for him, because he has to spend his days with Bill O’Reilly,” Iadarola said. “But I’ve lost even that little bit of sympathy.”

Kasparian, a Raw Story contributor, argued that Watters’ on-camera behavior illustrated the difference between conservatives and liberals.

“Liberals genuinely believe that this country is about helping one another out and doing it for the greater good,” she said. “Conservatives are like ‘F*ck everyone, we have no interest in helping anyone. I’m only looking out for myself and my family.’ I have no interest in being part of that group.”

At the end of the Factor segment, O’Reilly and Watters attempted to blame their findings on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration, with Watters saying, “plenty of people are being attacked” without citing any proof.

“All this was was a Bill de Blasio smear campaign at the expense of homeless people living at a train station,” Kasparian said. “That’s all that segment was about. Fox News is garbage. Garbage.”

Watch the discussion, as aired on Wednesday, below.

Credit: Raw Story

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