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I think Bill O’Reilly misses Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart reportedly wants Bill O’Reilly to tell him to “f*ck off” on one of his final episodes of “The Daily Show,” but the Fox News host has already taken some early shots at him.

O’Reilly joked Monday night that Stewart, who is stepping down in August after 16 years as host of the Comedy Central program, had been fired, reported Mediaite.

“I’m worried about Stewart,” O’Reilly said as a producer laughed off-screen. “No longer will he have a TV show available to mock Fox News. Will the man go door to door?”

He was perplexed that every single episode had been made available on the show’s website, wondering who would actually watch any of them.

“If you are concerned for Jon Stewart’s welfare, as I am, and you see him on the street, gently talk to him about Fox News,” O’Reilly said. “Let him vent to you about us. It’s the humane thing to do.”

Watch O’Reilly’s comments posted online by Mediaite:

Credit: Raw Story

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