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Fox realizes Louie Gohmert’s plan is crazy

Possible Republican presidential candidate Louie Gohmert shocked Fox News host Arthel Neville with what she said was a “dangerous” and “volatile” plan to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites.

During an interview on Sunday, Gohmert argued that President Barack Obama negotiations with Iran had already failed because he was “already allowing them to go full-blown nuclear.”

The Texas Republican said that he had another solution for dealing with Iran: “You step up the sanctions full-blown, and I think that it’s time to look at a plan to go in and bomb them.”

But Neville immediately saw a downside to effectively declaring war on Iran.

“If the U.S. bombs Iran’s nuclear facilities, do you think Russia is going to stand by and let that happen?” she asked.

“I don’t think Russia is in a position to do anything,” Gohmert opined. “They’re bogged down too many places.”

“You really don’t think — I mean, that’s a volatile option there,” Neville pointed out as she searched for words. “To go in and bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, and you really believe that Russia will stop and say, ‘Okay, fine, go for it.’ I mean, that’s a dangerous…”

Gohmert argued that Russia might even get behind an attack on Iran because its leaders were “concerned about radical Islamist terror much more so than [the Obama] administration is.”

“They’re not crazy over there in Russia,” he insisted.

“We haven’t discussed an actual plan because I’m sure it’s quite complex,” Neville observed, bringing the segment to a close. “We don’t have one on the table, not from you this morning.”

“Well, yeah, I think that once Iran realizes we’re serious about taking it out, they come to the table,” Gohmert said.

Watch the video below from Fox News, broadcast March 29, 2015.

Credit: Raw Story

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