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Join Bill O’Reilly’s “Holy War” because of this video

The media organization AJ+ sent comedian Dan Ilic to the Conservative Political Action Conference dressed as a Crusader to recruit people to join him overseas in holy war against ISIS.

The idea for the video came from a recent segment by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly entitled “The Holy War Begins.” In it, O’Reilly excoriates President Barack Obama for refusing to, among other things, accept that ISIS is an Islamic organization or note that 21 Coptic Christians murdered in January were, in fact, Christians.

“The Holy War is here,” O’Reilly said, “and unfortunately it seems the president will be the last one to acknowledge it.”

Ilic, dressed as a Crusader, decided to take to the streets of Washington D.C. to see if he could recruit anyone to join him in O’Reilly’s “Holy War,” but he was unable to find any interested parties — until he moved his recruitment operation to CPAC.

“We’re signing up to send people to go to Syria to fight ISIS,” Ilic tells his first potential recruit. “Are you excited about that?”

“Yeah, we’ve got to get rid of them, right?” that man responds.

Another potential recruit tells Ilic that “I have a certain battle here that I’m totally involved in, and I can’t just drop everything and go over — but obviously, I disdain everything ISIS stands for.”

“I understand,” Ilic responds, “ISIS is on our doorstep — but you’ve got commitments.”

Watch the entire video via AJ+ on YouTube below.

Credit: Raw Story

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