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Fox “doctor” says that marijuana “isn’t safe”

Chances are if Fox News invites on a doctor to give his/her opinion about something related to social issues, you’ll get a prescribed dose if misinformation and pseudoscience.

Turning the focus on legalized marijuana, Fox & Friends this Saturday asked the opinion of Dr. David Samadi, who brought up the subject of “crack babies” that are a result of women “smoking this whole marijuana business.”


Samadi wasn’t buying a recent study that determined pot was way less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes.

“I think it’s a very dangerous study,” Samadi started out. “People need to be very careful about not getting the wrong message from this study. They’re using a lethal dose as a comparison. For example, they’re putting pot against or weed against cocaine or alcohol. We know you need less amount of alcohol to die. So, they’re using death to see what’s dangerous and what’s not.”


“They’re extrapolating a lot of these animal studies and surveys that doesn’t make a lot of sense, and coming with this whole thing that pot is safer,” he continued. “Absolutely not — it’s a huge fraud.”

He then claimed that marijuana “actually causes heart attacks.”

According to Samadi, medical marijuana “the biggest scam” he’s ever seen.

“I challenge any doctors, come to my Facebook, convince me how this is healthy for you. I’m 100 percent against this.”

Watch the segment in the video below, via The Raw Story:

Credit: AATTP

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