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Fox trying to convince Atheists

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks goes after Fox News for having a “historian” on their show to prove that the Bible is real and try to have atheists convert to Christianity. The “expert” is Dr. Tom Dickson who is in fact a devout Christian, but uses myth over facts to promote Fox News’ religious conservative agenda instead of having the facts because it’s Fox “News”. The segment was called “Keeping the Faith” and host Ainsley Earhardt shows a poll where those who believe in the bible and those who are skeptics are tied neck and neck at 19%. Two-thirds of the ages of 48 and under are among the skeptics. Tom Dickson says that there is less evidence against Christian bible tales than the truth that is being proven by the atheist community. He also insists that there is “overwhelming” evidence about the history of Jesus. Tom cites the gospels as a major source of historical fact. Cenk agrees that the gospels are not history and no actual historians agree with what is stated within the gospels.

Other topics such as Noah’s Ark and Jonah in the whale were mentioned, but Tom didn’t provide a shred of evidence other than what is stated within the bible and it’s related material. Cenk also made a Bill O’Reilly reference about tides going in and out and “you can’t explain that!”

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