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Fox promotes anti-government sentiment

If there’s a disaster, who are you going to turn to?

According to libertarian darling, John Stossel, the answer is apparently “Walmart.” Fox host John Stossel made the claims on Sunday, when he asserted that the federal government was rendered unnecessary by Megacorporations like Weyland-Yutani Omnicorp Umbrella Corp Walmart Corp, who would spontaneously provide assistance to disaster victims.

During the Sunday segment of Huffing Drain Cleaner with Tucker Carlson, the stupidest man on Fox asked Stossel, “Ever feel like government makes too many plans that come to naught?” and said of Stossel’s claims that “It’s kind of a bold idea. You’re saying that not every human activity needs to be planned from above. Some things spontaneously work themselves out pretty well.”

According to Stossel, Americans would be better off without the federal government and more of that “spontaneous order” predicted by joke economist Fredrich Hayek. According to Hayek, order will emerge naturally from chaos, and that’s very true. After all, order emerged naturally in Somali in the form of the fundamentalist Islamic Courts. It emerged again in Northern Iraq and Syria as the Islamic State. Give it the chance, and you’ll see it here in the United States, too, but it’ll be of the Christian variety, since that’s how Theocratic Libertarianism rolls.

I’m not sure I like Hayek’s “spontaneous order;” it sounds too much like “Failed State: A Family Game of Warlords and Genocide”

The Week‘s Damon Linker also has a beef to pick with “spontaneous order,” and in a piece last year, said it was “silliest” libertarian idea out there — and just imagine the competition for that title. He noted two “experiments” conducted by the United States in “spontaneous order:” Iraq, as I pointed out above, and Libya.

Both of those, you’ll remember, were resounding successes:

In both cases, spontaneity brought the opposite of order. It produced anarchy and civil war, mass death and human suffering. Order doesn’t just happen, and it isn’t the product of individual freedom.

The libertarian prophets of ‘spontaneous order’ get things exactly backward, sometimes with catastrophic real-world consequences. Which is why it’s a particularly bad idea.

And regarding Walmart?

Please. The only reason Walmart continues to even exist is because the federal government subsidizes their poverty wages, and they stick the taxpayer with their burden. The Walmart business model is the picture of Libertarianism: Walmart wouldn’t exist without the state, and neither would libertarian philosophy.

Stossel, however, didn’t want people to think he’s one of those Murry Rothbard anarcho-capitalists, though. He’s a classic minarchist, even if the people who watch Fox are too stupid to know what that even means:

[W]e need some government, but not much.

Just enough government to guard the rich from their starving wage slaves, right John?

Watch the video below:

Credit: AATTP

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