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The dumbest Congressman says Obama is an alcoholic on Fox News

Louie Gohmert, for those unfamiliar with him, is a member of a party whose sole platform for the last seven years has been “Stop Obama!” This is the same party that made obstructionism a virtue, whose biggest talking heads brag about how many bills they voted against, which idolized Michele Bachmann for the fact that she voted “no” on almost every bill that crossed her desk.

That Louie Gohmert, who, if his party were six years old, would have long since been medicated for Oppositional Defiance Disorder, said this:

What I’m excited about is that after all these years, now the president has finally admitted that they’ve been lying. He, Harry Reid, all those folks that have been saying Republicans were the ‘party of no,’ he’s basically admitted in this statement that ‘yeah, we’ve been the party of ‘no,’ but I’ve been able to rely on Harry Reid to say ‘no’ so I didn’t have to. But we’ve been the ones that really stopped it.’   That’s what I’m hearing in that statement, and I’m glad the president’s finally admitted it. Like an alcoholic, the best news is when you finally admit where your problem is.

Of the roughly 360 votes taken in the Democratically controlled Senate in 2014, about 38 were “rejections.” That’s just about a 10 percent rejection rate for the Dems in Senate. Over to theRepublican House, a rough count shows 235 “No” votes out of 641 total, or about 36 percent. So, quick comparison:

  • The Republican House has a 3.6 times higher “No” percentage than the Democratic Senate, per vote taken.
  • The Republican House has voted “No” 6 times more often than the Democratic Senate, total.

And those are just on the bills that actually made it to a vote. There’s no telling how many either Reid or Boehner kept from coming up. But assuming that the numbers are either A) about the same, or B) reflective of the overall trend, then…well…it’s pretty obvious which branch of Congress has been getting drunk on the big, red button.

And that’s bearing in mind that probably 50 of the “yes” votes in the House were motions to impeach Obama over Benghazi. Or something. Regardless, even a glance at the roll calls show what happens when you elect people solely on the virtues of obstructionism.

As for Louie, it’s worth mentioning that he votes against the Democratic Party almost 100 percent of the time, and against his own party 11 percent of the time. In fact, well more than half of Louie’s votes have been “No.” Seems like Mr. Gohmert has a bit of a drinking problem himself. Not that he’d admit it.

Credit: Americans Against the Tea Party

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