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Bill O’Reilly is a pinhead

Bill O’Reilly is at it again. This time he believes that millions of cop killers are in America when that is not the case at all.

In an utterly unhinged rant that he delivered by phoning in to his own TV program while on vacation, O’Reilly went on at length about the responsibility of New York City Mayor De Blasio, who he accused of being incompetent and impotently demanded that “this is an individual who should resign today.” Then immediately after conceding that nobody but Ismaaiyl Brinsley was responsible for the murders, he contradicts himself again and charges the protesters with aiding and abetting him.

“Now Brinsley is the only one responsible for the deaths of the two police officers. No one else has blood on their hands. I want everybody to be clear about that. Aiding and abetting Brinsley and other maniacs – those protesters who yelled we want dead cops.”

From there O’Reilly fingers what he calls the“true villain in the case,” and according to him it isn’t Brinsley.

“Bill De Blasio, as I said, is incompetent. He was elected in an election in which few people voted. He is a machine politician. And he is an anti-police individual. […] This is an individual who should resign today – TODAY!

O’Reilly must get awfully tired of being ignored. Obviously De Blasio is not going to resign, nor should he. And while O’Reilly was right about the low voter turnout (something that is sadly too common in this country as evidenced by the midterm election last month), De Blasio received a whopping 73% of those who voted. But O’Reilly is only an advocate of democracy when his side prevails. It is typical of the deranged extremism for which he is so well-known. And his brand of rancid hyperbole was in full effect last night when he painted a dystopic picture of America as a buzzing hive of cop killers.

“And there are millions of Brinsleys running around. Millions. Because our society in America does not hold them accountable.”

According to the FBI, there were 27 police officers killed in the line of duty last year (of which only five were killed by ambush, Brinsley-style). That is a tragedy for each and every one of those officers and their families, but it does not support the lunatic assertion that “millions of Brinsleys” are running around. And where O’Reilly gets the notion that cop killers are not held accountable is a complete mystery. They are among those who receive the harshest punishment of any criminal act. That is, if they even survive to stand trial.

Once again O’Reilly has managed to distort reality in a way that inflames his dimwitted audience and exacerbates division and unrest. He is incapable of grasping the intricacies of the social relationships between citizens and law enforcement. He only sees things through the prism of his elitist, wealthy, white privilege, which he insists does not exist. And, as usual, his contributions are hallmarked by ignorance and hatred and are counterproductive, if not overtly destructive.

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