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Fox is now confused about the “War on Christmas”

This year the “War on Christmas” began in October and Fox couldn’t wait for December. Then… they were desperate for Chuck Norris and Ronald Reagan. Robot Chicken joined the bandwagon by attacking the idea of “too many holidays” which attacked Fox News. Bill O’Reilly, the official leader for the war because he is the general, continued the crusade by attacking the truth that there is no war and climate change.

But now they are debating if there is still a war.

Last night on his Fox News show, Bill O’Reilly celebrated having “won the war” on Christmas. He continued the victory lap on NBC’s Late Night, telling host Seth Meyers, “it’s over, we won. Anybody can say Merry Christmas if they want to.”

But if the War on Christmas is over, someone forgot to tell O’Reilly’s colleagues at Fox Nation, who are warning readers this morning of the supposedly ongoing “War on Christmas”:

Jesse Watters, a correspondent for The O’Reilly Factor, serves as a managing editor for Fox Nation.

So if O’Reilly has declared victory, then why is there still a war on the Fox Nation website? Truth is, Fox flip-flops and they don’t stay true to what they say. But the truth is there is no “War on Christmas” as Fox is nothing but garbage.

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