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Fox has only 1% of black people watching

Nielsen has come out with a report that shows only 1% of Fox News viewers are Black. So now you know why Fox is able to get away with their racist overtones. News Corpse reported that the Black viewership was at 1.38% four years ago.

Nielsen’s annual look at the racial breakdown of the cable news viewers highlighted some very distinctive differences among the big three in terms of diversity. For instance, during the prime time block of 8-11 pm, MSNBC’s audience is 24% black. CNN, by contrast, has an audience 16% black.

This means there are 20,820 black people who watch Fox on a nightly basis. Meanwhile, over at CNN, the numbers about 104,480, and for MSNBC, it’s 145,200.

With numbers like that it is no wonder that Fox can describe Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z as a “former crack dealer,” dismissing his many years as a successful artist, businessman, and philanthropist. It is why Fox anchor Megyn Kelly is comfortable declaring as a fact that Jesus and Santa Claus are white. It is why virtually every time there is a controversial story that tests the racial tolerance of the nation (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Voter ID, Immigration, etc.) Fox News takes the side of the white majority. It is why whenever there is an allegation of racism against a person or institution, Fox’s kneejerk response is that racism doesn’t even exist anymore.

o, is the low number of African-American viewers of Fox due to the content of the programming, or is it the brazenly racist programming that has driven away Black viewers? It hardly matters at this point because it is clear that Fox no longer cares and doesn’t believe that they have any obligation to cater to an audience demographic that has almost completely abandoned them.

The problem is that means they also don’t feel any obligation to the racial diversity and harmony of America. Sadly, we can count on Fox to continue to continue to incite the bigots that flock to their network, and the end result will be to create more division and to encourage distrust and hate. Here’s an example what that kind of agenda will produce.

Here’s the full breakdown of the report by Nielsen:

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