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F*ck Fox News!

Protesters enraged by the Ferguson and Eric Garner cases have shared their feelings for Fox News and that’s saying Fuck Fox News as loud as they can. No matter what happens, Fox won’t be liked anyways. Mediatie’s Andrew Kant caught this impromptu display outside of News Corp’s headquarters yesterday. He Tweeted the image out:

This isn’t an isolated incident, either. At the Ferguson/Garner protests in Dupont Circle of Washington D.C., the Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly took a Vine video of the same chant:

This isn’t the first time Fuck Fox News was said. Back in 2008, a fear-mongering Fox reporter attempts to report on “far left protesters” gathering as a mob outside of a Denver Republican convention center. The result: “F*ck Fox News,” going out live on Fox News. Which, apparently, is a violation of that reporter’s First Amendment rights. Or something.

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