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Bill O’Reilly continues his Christmas Crusade

Bill O’Reilly is at it again. Fox started the “War on Christmas” back in October for this year because they couldn’t wait for December to start and now that it has, they can only rely on O’Reilly to lead the campaign forward to nowhere. Bill is the general of the war and has taken command of his post and started the crusade to attack climate change.


We do have a bunch of “War on Christmas” deniers who say that I, and others, are making the whole thing up. Well, here’s the first evidence this year. A billboard put up by an atheist group telling children to skip church on Christmas day. […] If somebody denies global warming they’re all over them, but [the War on Christmas is] right before your eyes. There’s the sign. What generates that denial?

What O’Reilly is presenting as proof of the Christmas conflagration is the appearance of a single billboard in Tennessee that depicts a young girl’s letter to Santa saying that “All I want for Christmas is to skip church. I’m too old for fairy tales.”If that is all the evidence that is required to validate O’Reilly’s Christmas War theory, then he has a pretty low bar for validation. It is rather remarkable that he is so easily convinced on this matter, but he and other Climate Change deniers remain skeptical even after 97% of the scientists who study atmospheric science agree that Climate Change is occurring and is man-made.

The segment on O’Reilly’s program consisted mainly of his interview of a psychotherapist wherein they spent the better part of five minutes maligning atheists as sadistic, nasty bullies. It was a display of overt hostility toward nonbelievers, even as they complained, without evidence, that nonbelievers were themselves hostile. They agreed that the billboard was “horrifically insulting” and an affront to the traditional values of this season of goodwill. Which is interesting because O’Reilly never expressed any outrage over the politicization and commercialization of Christmas by the Republican Party last year when the NRCC sold a tee-shirt proclaiming that “All I want for Christmas is to be rid of ObamaCare.”

But only Fox viewers will launch the crusade which means nothing will happen as it is hysteria launched by the right-wing channel to gain ratings rather than doing anything like the Republican party.



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