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Tea Party wants Net Neutrality but not really

Net Neutrality is one of the most important features of the Internet. With the Internet quickly becoming the backbone of civilization, open and free access for everyone is pertinent for continued survival of the Information Age.

Which is apparently why the Tea Party is against it. The Tea Party group FreedomWorks came out against Net Neutrality on Wednesday, verbally attacking it in a new video after — surprise, surprise — President Obama announced strong support for regulations that require Internet providers like Comcast treat all web traffic equally.

Just to be clear here, the Baggers are now defending Comcast and AT&T.

This also means that, in due course, your Fox-addled Tea Party relatives will be claiming that Net Neutrality is the product of Soviet Germany under Stalin and Hitler.

Iris Somberg, the communications coordinator for FreedomWorks, said in the video that Net Neutrality doesn’t support a “free and open Internet.” According to Somberg, Net Neutrality regulations would prohibit providers from blocking or slowing down access to any websites or online services. Because the ability of corporations to block or slow down service to websites constitutes a “free and open Internet” to these people. I could make remarks comparing this to Nineteen-Eighty-Four, but at this point, I’m almost certain they’ve read it and made the collective decision to one up Orwell.

According to Somberg, this is bad because the “web content isn’t equal“:

The same speed, the same prices, the same access, but all web content isn’t equal. Netflix is not the same as a high school blog, and YouTube certainly isn’t the same as Facebook. They serve very different purposes and they have very different needs.

By dictating that all these sites be treated the same, Net Neutrality makes small companies that don’t take up much bandwidth at all pay more so that big companies can pay less. That’s not the kind of equality the Internet needs.

She added that “Net neutrality is not a level playing field. It’s an anti-competitive policy that protects the Internet’s biggest companies at the expense of everyone else.”

Republicans have also strongly denounced Net Neutrality, just in case you thought FreedumbWorks was somehow alone. And given the fallout from earlier this month, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the year that we buried Net Neutrality. Great job, America. Your choice continues to impress me.

Credit: AATTP

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