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Fox trying to recruit Republican Governor for show

Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes has reportedly contacted Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich about his interest in returning to the conservative network as a guest host.

Kasich is one of the most successful Fox News candidates. He joined the network in 2001 as a former congressman and left in 2009 to successfully run for governor. Kasich was a frequent guest host for The O’Reilly Factor and the host of the programs From The Heartland and Heroes.

Fox News hosted Kasich on November 4 after he won his reelection campaign. Co-anchor Megyn Kelly told Kasich that it “wasn’t that long ago that you were here at the Fox News Channel. Everyone loved you. Now you go to Ohio. The people love you. Are you going to make a pitch on a national level and hope they love you and put you in the White House?”

Kasich dodged by the question by responding that “what I’m really bucking for in the short-term is to wonder if I can come back and host O’Reilly again at least once or twice. It would be a lot of fun. I don’t think they’ve ever had a sitting governor do that.”

Kelly replied: “I think you’re one of the few people he actually would allow to take over that show. I’ll ask him.”

Fox has nearly all of their anchors and contributors as Republicans as only a few liberals are on the team. But those who work for Fox have to say the lies the network tells them to in order to keep their job and receive payment.

The Columbus Dispatch reported today that “Ailes called him this morning to ask if he was serious.” The paper quoted Kasich stating that “I think if I want to make it happen they will.”

Fox has been a chief promoter of a Kasich 2016 presidential run. Senior vice president and host Neil Cavuto, for instance, told Kasich in March his “success” as governor has given the left “reason to fear you” in 2016.

Fox News heavily promoted Kasich during his 2010 run. Sean Hannity told Kasich during interviews to “do me a favor. Go get elected governor” and that “you can help us. Win the state of Ohio.” During a guest appearance on The O’Reilly Factor, Kasich asked for donations while Fox News put his website address on-screen (which drew a formal complaintlater dismissed, from the Democratic Governors Association).

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