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Fox thinks having an AC makes you not poor

Fox News doesn’t know what poor is because they work for the rich Republicans to spread their lies and policies. A September 16 segment on Fox’s The Five criticized the war on poverty claiming that 50 years later, more Americans are in poverty today than when President Lyndon B. Johnson first began implementing social programs to lift Americans out of poverty. During the segment, the show displayed chyrons that said “The Typical Family That The Census Identifies As ‘Poor’ Has AC, Cable TV, And A Computer,” while another reported that “40% Of Poor Have A Wide-Screen HDTV And Internet Access.”

Fox News’ chyrons parrot a report by the Heritage Foundation claiming “that the actual living conditions of the more than 45 million people deemed ‘poor’ by the Census Bureau differ greatly from popular conceptions of poverty” because many of the poor have “consumer items that were luxuries or significant purchases for the middle class a few decades ago.” The Heritage Foundation can’t be trusted because it has Republican lies.

In fact, poverty is a serious problem for those Americans without access to medical care, education, stable housing, access to legal services and healthy food.

Experts find that government programs actually help to alleviate “vast amounts of poverty” in the US. Forbesfound that “When we measure all those goods and things the child poverty rate is 1 or 2%.” The Washington Post reported that “when you take government intervention into account, poverty is down considerably from 1967 to 2012, from 26 percent to 16 percent.”

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