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Fox News Coverage of the Ferguson Crisis

This is just terrible. Fox is not news and is just distorting information on the whole situation in Ferguson, Missouri. There is too much on what Fox has done to create lies about the events and it is still continuing. But there is only three that will catch your attention on how bad Fox is being on Ferguson. The first one is just amazing. Cenk Uygur schools Sean Hannity by telling him to shut the fuck up. Hannity thinks he knows everything about the Michael Brown shooting and questions a local councilwoman over the events. He questions her knowledge when he asks her whether she was there that day and she wasn’t and Sean wasn’t there as well.

The next one is just too shameful. Megyn Kelly gets upset over an update from Ferguson when her guest was talking about ISIS and says “We’re Talking About Something Important Right Now”. Both stories are important, but since Megyn doesn’t have a brain, she isn’t aware of that.

The last one shows Fox getting the autopsy report wrong on their channel by making it up. The two guests school Jeanine Pirro over her own stupidity and they get kicked off the show because Pirro knows she and Fox “News” are wrong on just about everything.


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