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Battle of the Dam Part 2

Airstrikes by the U.S. continues on ISIS terrorists and this time it is near the Mosul Dam. The battle for the dam began when ISIS took it over earlier this month. The dam is critical because it largely controls the flow of water to Baghdad and other parts of Iraq which can devastate thousands by flooding it or stopping the flow of water. The Kurdish forces, known as peshmerga, launched the operation early Sunday to retake the Mosul Dam, said Gen. Tawfik Desty, a Kurdish commander, after a day of U.S. and Iraqi airstrikes pushed back Islamic State fighters. A spokesman for the peshmerga said the clashes were moving eastward. “The west is in control of peshmerga. But there are some battles taking place in the (east) right now,” said Halgurd Hekmat, peshmerga spokesman. Another commander confirmed the information, saying that by Sunday evening, peshmerga forces had crossed the Tigris to the broad plains held by the Islamic State. Airstrikes continue even through today.

The U.S. hit 90 targets to help Kurdish forces capture the Mosul Dam. President Obama calls this a “major step forward” as a barrage of US airstrikes helped Kurdish and Iraqi forces score the biggest victory of its counteroffensive against the Islamic State militants. The Kurds are now training Yazidis, who are being targeted by ISIS in massive numbers, to help join the fight against the terrorists. The battle is continuing, but it seems that this will definitely push back ISIS as this is just one part of the beginning of the end for ISIS.

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