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Maliki is not going quietly

The newest President of Iraq, Fouad Massoum has appointed a new Prime Minister which snubs current PM Nouri al-Maliki. Massoum appointed deputy parliament speaker Haider al-Ibadi to be the next PM and gave him 30 days to form a government. But Maliki is not stepping down and he demands that he must be allowed to be selected for a third term in office when he has down very little since the threat of ISIS emerged. Maliki refused to form a new government and recently sent Iraqi forces to help the Peshmerga Kurdish forces to combat the group. But that’s it. Maliki’s political party, his support from the people from Iraq, and every ethnic group whether they are Sunni or Shias is falling out of favor massively and Maliki has sent troops all around the capital of Baghdad as a move to secure his position.

There is a fear that Maliki is trying to attempt a coup while he is being forced to be removed from power. The President of Iraq is the only one that can appoint the Prime Minister. But if the people could vote for the PM, Maliki wouldn’t be the choice of the people. This is the right choice for Iraq and there is literally no time left for the government to waste with Maliki if he wants to be stubborn about staying in power. Maliki is the reason why people should vote for the PM and limit the term and how many times they can renew their term in that position. President Fouad Massoum is making the right decision and the people should trust him by trying to remove Nouri al-Maliki with a much better candidate for the position of PM. The Kurds will not support Maliki as they have better things to worry about.

The Kurds are now getting weapons to combat ISIS from the U.S. The Obama administration had first denied the request to sending the requested materials, but that decision has changed. The Kurdish Peshmerga fighters had been losing ground to Islamic State militants in recent weeks, in part because they were outgunned and at times ran out of ammunition, officials said. The weapons appeared to be coming through intelligence agencies covertly and not through regular Defense Department channels. But it is rumored  that the CIA is sending those weapons, but that has not been confirmed. But the weapons are definitely going to be a big help to combat ISIS.

More Yezidis were rescued by a joint effort by Iraqi and Kurdish forces who were originally dropping food supplies, but they were overrunned by those who came onto the helicopter and the forces on the helicopter launched fire on ISIS forces once they were at a safe distance from the ground in the air.

The Newest PM, Haider al-Ibadi

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