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The beginning of the end of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

America is back in Iraq, but not on the ground with boots. But with airstrikes to send ISIS to their place in hell where they belong. President Barack Obama announced that the U.S. will launch airstrikes targeting ISIS in an attempt to stop their genocide towards the Yazidi people. The U.S. is also doing airdrops of humanitarian aid as this is a situation the U.S. can’t ignore. So far, there have been two rounds of strikes on them and they have hit convoys that are getting close to the city of Irbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. The city is very important because the Kurdish forces have not lost anything since this conflict began except for the Mosul Dam which lies in the city of Mosul which ISIS fully controls.

There is no timetable when the U.S. involvement may end because it has just begun. The administration is saying that this will not be a prolonged involvement, but there is not guarantee that this will happen. But the ending for the U.S. involvement must be the ultimate defeat of ISIS and the removal of troops who are not from Iraq. This includes Iran, Hezbollah, and the Baathist’s who just want to be back in power rather than support ISIS’ goals.

Two U.S. F/A 18 fighters first struck an ISIS artillery unit outside of Irbil, dropping two 500-pound laser-guided bombs at about 6:45 a.m. ET Friday, Pentagon spokesman Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby said. Later, a drone targeted an ISIS mortar position, Kirby said. When ISIS fighters returned to the site a short time later, the drone struck the target again, he said. Shortly after that, the second round of air fire was launched.

What about Syria? It is most likely that this current mission is to defeat ISIS in Iraq. But Syria could bring a challenge. Al-Qaeda affiliates there are also our enemy and Bashar al-Assad, and his supporters. Syria provides more enemies than allies. But the U.S. will got involved in Syria whether it is hitting Assad or the terrorist groups there. It doesn’t matter. All bad elements of the world must be eliminated if they don’t reform or change for the good. This is just the beginning of the end for ISIS and we should be all proud of it.


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  1. […] The U.S. hit 90 targets to help Kurdish forces capture the Mosul Dam. President Obama calls this a “major step forward” as a barrage of US airstrikes helped Kurdish and Iraqi forces score the biggest victory of its counteroffensive against the Islamic State militants. The Kurds are now training Yazidis, who are being targeted by ISIS in massive numbers, to help join the fight against the terrorists. The battle is continuing, but it seems that this will definitely push back ISIS as this is just one part of the beginning of the end for ISIS. […]


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