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There is no Benghazi Scandal

That Benghazi Committee that was set up to find any wrongdoing by Obama found no wrongdoing by him or anyone in his administration. The Republicans were hoping to find a scandal when there wasn’t any scandal at all. All of the Republicans and the Democrats on the committee voted unanimously in agreeing that Obama didn’t do anything wrong. MSNBC is the only network so far to report this news as well as Media Matters. CNN has not reported it because they are focused on the current conflict between Gaza and Israel which proves why CNN is falling out of favor by many Americans who watch news and this doesn’t include Fox News as news.

Fox News will not report this because they want the investigation to keep going when the investigation is already over. Fox helps waste time and money within the government as well as fund the project for the GOP. Also everything for the right-wing was related to Benghazi when it clearly wasn’t. Fox is not going to say the truth because it’s not their job as the “media” to report the truth.

Fox’s sudden lack of interest in congressional investigations into Benghazi comes less than one week after Rep. Trey Gowdy, head of the select committee, announced – in what Fox News billed as an “exclusive” interview – that he would hold more public hearings on the attacks in September.

“The American people have not been given clear answers to things like Benghazi,” Bill O’Reilly said Friday night on Fox. Monday night, O’Reilly’s audience didn’t learn the answers that the House Intelligence Committee declassified last week.

On July 31, the day the House Intelligence Committee adopted its report, Fox News signaled its intention to continue politicizing the Benghazi tragedy by immediately pivoting to Hillary Clinton.

“The Republican head of the powerful House Intelligence Committee told Fox News that there was no intelligence failure and that all roads lead to the State Department,” Herridge said on America’s Newsroom.

Hours later, the conclusion that there was no intelligence failure had evaporated from her reporting. “The chairman of the House Intelligence Committeee says, Hillary Clinton’s State Department has more explaining to do,” Herridge claimed on The Kelly Report that night.

That assessment was based on questions answered long ago about who signs diplomatic cables at the State Department.

But Fox News is still pushing lies about the attack on Sept. 11, 2012 on the U.S. embassy.

“So you can see that I’m lying about this because I’m not a journalist because I work for Fox News and I’m just pulling shit out from my ass.”

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