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Maliki finally does something to fight ISIS; Kurds battle ISIS to prevent major flood; Lebanon under attack

After being so stubborn to fight ISIS by trying to unify the country, Maliki has done something that is just as good. He is sending air force units to help the Kurds fight the terrorists. This is the first step into having better relations with the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. But ISIS is continuing it’s onslaught as it takes over the towns of  Zumar, Sinjar, and Wana in the triangular border corner between Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. The Kurds from Syria who are involved in the Syrian Civil War to fight for their independence have sent troops across the border to aid the fighting. The announcement by al-Maliki comes after requests from Kurdish officials for arms from Washington. American officials, eager to keep Iraq intact, has opted against sending weapons to the semi-autonomous Kurds thus far. 

Battle of the Dam

In the city of Mosul which is captured by ISIS have fully secured the dam from Kurdish forces. The idea about who was in control was disputed but ISIS was reported to be in control when the fighting began because of the groups ability to take what they want in their vision of complete dominance of the Middle East. The dam is considered to be the center of the flow of water in Iraq, especially Baghdad. Considered to be the world’s dangerous dam, ISIS could now release all of the water from the dam and cause huge flooding that will be somewhat apocalyptic just like in the movies. But with help from Maliki, the Kurds can possibly count on him for help.


The city of Arsal came under attack by ISIS in retaliation for the arrest of Abu Ahmad al-Jumaa, a former commander in the Free Syrian Army who later declared allegiance to ISIS. Officials said they arrested Jumaa because he planned to attack an army outpost. Lebanon has frequently come under attack from the spillover effect of the ongoing Syria Civil War. ISIS said they would leave if Jumaa was released. The Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, which controls the area to the west of Arsal, has vowed to help the Lebanese Armed Forces retake the city from the insurgents. The fighting is ongoing and it could go on for a while and if ISIS get this town, then the war will expand beyond expectations.


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