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Russell Brand schools Sean Hannity

On July 24 during an episode of Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Hannity, Sean got into a heated exchange with Yousef Munayyer, the Palestinian executive director of the U.S.-based Jerusalem Fund, by jabbing a finger at his guest and demanding to know how he would react if thousands of rockets were being fired into his neighborhood — a reference to Hamas firing rockets into Israel. Munayyer attempted to answer several times but was interrupted by the increasingly infuriated Fox anchor, and the interview reached its nadir when a visibly agitated Hannity bellowed, “What part of this can’t you get through your thick head? Is Hamas a terrorist organization?” before cutting the interview short with a terse “goodbye.” The segment was branded “Sympathy for the Terrorists”.

So Russell Brand decided to talk about this on his YouTube channel and he does make fun of Sean, but he does show that what Sean did was wrong and that is not how an interview is done. But he and Fox don’t care. Sean made a remark to Yousef by saying he had a thick head. Russell called him out for that. Take a look below.

Hannity would strike back with a remark on Twitter and talking about it with a biased panel on his show on July 31.

The panel never talked about Hannity saying thick head when referring to Yousef and all they did was make fun of him without actually having a debate about it. The segment called “Hamas & Hollywood” is probably the most dumbest and an awful right-wing tactic by Fox to put fear into people watching the show. There is no connection between Hamas and Hollywood. Russell Brand is not involved with Hamas and doesn’t defend them. He said that Gaza has no army and if you are smart, you would say Hamas is the only force that stands as a reasonable army for the people of Gaza. That is not defending Hamas, that’s knowing the facts. Hannity keeps using the rockets as his argument and the dome system of Israel is 90% effective into taking out these rockets and you don’t hear about 3,000 rockets hitting Israel and causing massive damage because the dome works. But Russell strikes with a second and video and still owns Sean over Sean’s own stupidity.


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