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Atheism crushes Fox News

Both Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity are ignorant fools who don’t really have arguments to present their case for religion. Megyn Kelly has the typical “pulled out from my ass” argument. Michael Newdow exposes her stupidity over the idea of the constitutionality of the pledge of allegiance in public schools. The Supreme Court never ruled it unconstitutional or constitutional and just because it wasn’t ruled in favor of Newdow, Megyn thinks he lost and thinks it is constitutional because she says “they declined to rule it unconstitutional in the case you brought (Newdow).” But Newdow who is smart says the court didn’t rule it constitutional as well which is the truth. The court never decided on the issue of the pledge but the idea of “God” is a different issue which Megyn still doesn’t understand. It does change for the constitution because the government should stay out of religious affairs!!!!

Megyn is right that the references to God and religion are intertwined with the history of this country. Newdow argues that the pledge states that the country is “under God” and it shows the government acknowledges the existence of “God” when there hasn’t been any proof that God exists. Proof does not mean those provided by believers in religion. Kelly says the court justices feel that the government can endorse religion over irreligion and that is wrong. Kelly just creates bullshit after saying the religion over irreligion. Michael is the only one with facts and has won the argument no matter what Kelly says or what you believe according to your religious views. You shouldn’t trust the “facts” provided by Fox on the bottom of the screen.

I like that part at around 3:57 over her reaction about the idea “that we can have slavery.”

All I can say is that David Silverman owns this debate. No need to explain it anyway.

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