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Fox does help politicians

Scott Brown can only thank Fox News for his return into government. Brown is a Republican and Fox only helps the right-wing.

During a July 31 appearance on Fox News Radio’s Kilmeade & Friends, Brown said of working as a Fox News contributor: “Certainly I loved doing what I was doing, and I think as a result of me being on Fox and being up on the issues, and listening to the false rhetoric out of the administration, really charged me up to get involved again.”

The affection appears to be mutual between Fox News and Brown, as host Brian Kilmeade told Brown, “We miss having you on, having you as a contributor.” You blame Obama rather than your own party which is mostly responsible for the dysfunctional system in Washington. Brown is asking people to go to and help donate and help volunteer so he could send the president a message that he is not up for reelection even though he isn’t. Brown is just like any other Republican who believes that they need to “take their country back” and take over the Senate. That’s all just garbage.

Fox News hired Brown in 2013 after previously boosting his Massachusetts Senate campaign with fawning coverage (during one segment, Fox hosts played with a Scott Brown action figure). The network terminated his contract this March when he officially announced his run for office in New Hampshire.

Fox News has helped numerous former employees during their runs for office. Rick Santorum said during his presidential campaign that his former job with Fox had “been big” and “helped folks remember who I am … It’s a great platform, being able to talk about the current issues of the day.”

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