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Allen West has no soul

Malaysian Airlines suffers another setback. First their plane went missing into the ocean without being found. Now one of their planes were shot down with a missile over on the brink of civil war Ukraine. But Allen West sees things much differently which shows he has no soul for the victims of the attack. Back in May, it was Ben Carson. West went on Fox “News” to say that this plane crash was a distraction caused by Barack Obama. A “purposefully creating drama globally.” Really? It is always something.

But “Dr.” Keith Ablow’s conspiracy theory is far more believable about Obama planning the 2014 World Cup. Why? Because Stephen Colbert broke it down for us. It makes sense since the character is a Republican who attacks his own party showing the hypocrisy which a Republican never does, which makes the character an example of hypocrisy. And that too sounds like a well-developed conspiracy.

He concluded: “So much for no drama Obama. He is purposefully creating drama globally.” West did not expand on why he thinks Obama is “purposely creating” “drama” like the Malaysia crash. West is from Fox and they don’t expand on something they create when they use their mouths rather than their brains. And when they use their brains, it still won’t be taken as true.

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