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Hannity goes shooting with Rick Perry

Hannity really loves guns. And he proves it by tweeting about it with Texas Governor Rick Perry, who of course is a Republican. Hannity is criticizing President Obama for not solving the border crisis that has affected Texas. While Obama is in Texas, he is not visiting the border that lies with Mexico. But since Sean Hannity is a two-faced sh*thead, he would rather go in a little boat with Rick Perry, loaded with guns and ammo, possibly some beer, right-wing politics on board, rather than visit the Texas border to have credibility for criticizing the President. At least Obama is trying to work with Republicans, who don’t want to work with Obama except for the time when they want to.

Conservatives really like to go on boats with beer, guns and ammo on a day such as this one and share their hatred towards liberals. Sarah Palin should have came and it wouldn’t be more crazier without a right-wing female psycho such as Sarah Palin.

He also tweeted photos showing himself traveling with Texas Highway Patrol gunships on the Rio Grande, which look for drug cartels along the border, and posing with the Governor and several guns:

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