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Iraq is one giant graveyard

The city of Najaf has the world’s largest graveyard. How many graves are there? 5 million in a 1,500-acre area. Local officials say that they have room for thousands more to be buried. Wadi al-Salam, which means “Valley of Peace,” is the name of the grave site. The 2003 war added to the misery of many families and this current insurgency is trying to top that with more deaths. ISIS continues it’s onslaught as it has just taken control of an oil field. Oil is just one of its main resources for income. Now they have taken control of another Saddam weapons facility. The Muthanna facility, which includes two bunkers believed to hold some 2,500 sarin-filled rockets, 2,000 artillery shells contaminated with mustard gas, and 180 tons of sodium cyanide. The good news is that the weapons are decades old and it was bombed during the Gulf War during the 90’s. Although the UN is worried about that the weapons might not be “poor quality” and likely to be “degraded after years of storage under the conditions existing there,” reports the AP.

But there hasn’t been a report that the last chemical weapons facility taken by ISIS haven’t been used during this recent conflict. This can prove that these weapons are very un-useful.

Now Maliki is accusing the Kurds of working with ISIS. Maliki is really stubborn. He won’t form a new government and won’t work with the Kurds in the north who are the only ones that are actually winning this war. Although one city is in their hands rather than what should be the Iraqi government’s control of Kirkuk. Sectarian violence is going to rise and will be worse than 2006 and 2007, which was the bloodiest during the entire war. Iraq and Syria have become one conflict and one nation with ISIS dismantling the border between the two nations. The region is one giant graveyard.

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