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What Fox is doing with the Bowe Bergdahl release is just disgusting!

Just like they were funding the GOP on covering Benghazi, they are back at it again. Fox News started to tarnish the Obama administration’s decision to release captured Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban for 5 senior Taliban members. The right-wingers, especially at Fox News called them terrorists. However, the Taliban has never been called a terrorist organization by the U.S. even though their leaders are designated as terrorists. The Taliban insurgency started in 2002 after the fall of Kabul and their actions have been called terrorist by the U.S. Since the news of the swap came, Megyn Kelly on her program, The Kelly File, keeps doing Breaking Tonight, fake breaking news to open the show on the Bergdahl deal as she calls those that were released “terrorists”.

Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and everybody else have said something against Bergdahl and his family. His partners in the army are calling him out by saying this like deserter. Fox has called him a “collaborator with the enemy.” There is no proof that he worked with the Taliban or left his post. He did leave a few steps from his base and he was captured. That’s how it happened. Fox then speculated that he said that he would “fight for the jihad (armed struggle)/Islam.” Again no proof of this. Shepard Smith went on his program and said what needed to be said. He said that there needs to be an investigation rather than speculation. But the rest of Fox News don’t care and rather run their mouths filled with s**t that can’t be cleaned up, whatsoever.

Fox has declared war on this family that has gone through hell since 2009 when Bergdahl was captured. At the time not knowing if he was alive or dead and that was everybody was going through wanting this hero back. Now that he is back, the war has launched. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity have said thing regarding Bowe’s father, Bob Bergdahl. They said he looks like a Muslim with his beard, he grew the beard as a symbol of protest waiting for his son to come back home where he belongs, safe and sound. About his beard, they have said on Fox that he maybe a sympathizer and may have worked with the Taliban to get Bowe back. O’Reilly also said, “[h]e has learned to speak the language of the Taliban and looks like a Muslim, actually thanking Allah right in front of the president.” Not true. Bill later doubled downed on thatHannity said the same thing. Now they want impeachment of the president for this and Hannity believes that Obama spent time negotiating with the Taliban rather than the GOP. Again not true. The GOP want everything for themselves. They have done it with Benghazi. For the last time, it’s not true! Ralph Peters wants executions for people who deserted from the military rather than an investigation. The president doesn’t have Americanism in his soul? Of course he does!

Media Matters is tired of doing article by article of this. But Fox isn’t and doesn’t want to make it easy. Raw Story reported that the right-wing were for his release until Obama made it happen. Maybe they wished a Republican was in office to do it.

Their lunacy keeps going, going, going, going until there is no end to this nonsense. Did they forget when Bush negotiated with enemies in his biggest mistake, the Iraq War?

Allen West is sending emails to “hopeful” followers for his possible clown show 2016 run for the White House. This should be against the law and maybe it is. Deliberately taking money from campaign donors for own personal gain or in this case, political gain. Majority of the Republicans do it and Mike Huckabee is appearing from time to time on Fox shows to promote his presidential run for 2016 which is against the law as well. Previously the right-wing media helped to give funds for a commission on Benghazi.

When will this end? Fox politicizing everything that the president does. Isn’t getting a solider back good or is not because Fox News’ own political aim didn’t contribute to that?

This has to end. Here is the e-mail that Allen West is trying to get money from the Bowe Bergdahl release filled with lies and lies.


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