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Pen & Paper: The greatest invention ever

Well this article from Newser caught my attention when it said that Pen & Paper is the gadget of the year. Well it turns it to be true as smartphones and apple products system of writing can’t replace the old-fashioned way of pen and paper. When we type with our mobile phones we use mostly our thumbs and it turns out it can hurt and cramp the thumb. At least writing with a pen on paper doesn’t hurt your thumb after several minutes writing. For me I like to write on paper rather than on mobile devices. I feel more better and comfortable writing on paper. If this method was replaced by technology than the pen industry will have to go bankrupt. The paper industry will suffer damages to the income and stability of sales and distribution.

This method needs to stay alive for the next 100 years of life on Earth. We can’t just abandon a part of our way of life. So please rely on Pen & Paper it’s irreplaceable.


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