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Congress is nothing anymore

3 days ago I found this article from Newser which talks about that Congress of the U.S. last year had its lowest rating in history. But it wasn’t about the rating it’s about the hating of Congress. Well it turns out that Congress hates itself. This article came to my importance because the title Even Congress Hates Congress is interesting and this really shows that our Congress has really been stubborn ever since 2010 when the midterm elections took place and when the cry baby John Boehner became speaker of the house that’s when the republicans took over under him that’s when Congress had been doing the wrong things. Now here is where we go back to the ratings. The rating as of right now around 10-11%.

We better face the fact that our Congress is nothing anymore and we should not shut it down and we can continue it to live just for nothing. So it’s official Congress is nothing anymore.

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