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What’s the number one problem with the media? Well I’ll tell you

You know the American Media has always been the most stuck up, nosey type of people there are. Well when people are put on the spotlight in a bad report about them then people turn on them like they hate them. Those reports come right out of the newspaper since they are the first to report it. When people read them they turn on them and give them a disgusted look over the report in the paper. The media bias in America has raised as trend within popular culture. Especially celebrities have been the target of the media bias all the time. Since the internet started with the celebrity reports there have been death hoaxes and fake news reports have been quite common. Well now that my introduction is done we’ll get to the number one problem.

The number one problem is that people within the media is that they have OPINIONS! That’s right opinions. Well you might be asking what’s wrong with that? The wrong thing is that when columnists and sports columnists use their own opinion on a topic that seems to effect everyone. Media reporters happen to think that whatever the president is doing they think it is wrong or right. These opinions lead questioning people who is right is it the one who defends him/herself or is it the media and it’s acts on brainwashing the society against society. The media should not contain opinions of each reporter unless their views and thoughts have a point that can lead us to understanding their beliefs and if not then there is no need for those opinions either way.

So in recap:What’s the number one problem with the media?

– They have their own opinions!

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