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The Dad was right to shoot the laptop

Since the viral video on youtube sprung showing a Dad from Texas shooting his daughter’s laptop that he repaired over a Facebook comment on her wall post showing her anger about doing work around the house. Well he was right as a parent to do that because he just spent over a hundred dollars adding new software,camera to the computer and now she won’t. As a parent the responsibilities for you pile on top of each other. You might think that parents from Texas are extremely mean well that’s not entirely true. In the video he said he was a student at High School and College at once and a part time volunteer firefighter. So her bitchy daughter has now a tougher life without Facebook, Twitter and other stuff that Teenage Girls look at on their computers.

The Man’s name is Tommy Jordan who is the star of the video. He did the right thing and we thank him for that. This should be a message to all teenage kids who act like a bitch! For our post click here. Below is the video

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