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The internet has a right to protest against SOPA & PIPA

Recently Congress is pushing to pass laws called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (PROTECT IP Act). These laws are supposed to stop illegal marketing online and protect people from buying stuff online as well. Well that is not true as Congress wants to censor the internet which takes away the whole reason we have freedom of the internet and freedom of speech. Millions of Websites such as the leader of information Wikipedia shutdown for one day. Google didn’t shutdown but its main page logo had a black screen covering it. Firefox,Reddit,Flickr also joined it on the protest. Now in response to the first internet protest the law proceedings were postponed. This cannot happen. At first I thought the law was good as it would protect the internet would be safer and that Wikipedia was in no line to protest. Well I was wrong as it was a bad law and now I believe they had a right to protest it.

These laws must be looked at by the President since he has the upper hand in this and I think he will not support these laws. If we let congress pass these laws the internet as we know it well be under control like a communist government. We will not let this happen. Protest these laws for the future of our favorite lovable internet.









Google is even ashamed of being Searched

Wikipedia is even ashamed of giving out Information

Mozilla is even ashamed of giving internet browsers

Uncyclopedia is even ashamed of making Shit!

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