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Kramer & his Mail Issues

It occurred to me when Cosmo Kramer decided to cut his mail service and called it Evil. In the episode The Junk Mail of Seinfeld got pissed off with catalogs from advertisers such as Pottery Barn. He got like 8 in a month and so in response he decides to throw at the front door step of the store and says

Hey you like sending out catalogs, how do you like getting them back!

But it didn’t go as what Kramer expected as he got more of them Catalogs such as Omaha Steaks, Matt Warehouse & Newsweek and an unknown 4th catalog that Kramer was holding in his hands. So since this occurred he decides to go to the head of the mail system the United States Postal Service. But before he goes there he then puts bricks in his mail locker in the mail-room of his apartment building. Yet another fail in his plan. The mail company then puts his mail into Jerry’s locker which later ticked him off. Now he goes to Postal Service office and decides to cancels his mail permanently.

His friend Newman who works for the postal service talks to Kramer to rethink his decision of canceling his mail. Here are his plans to survive without mail such as

  • Bills (“The Bank Can Pay Them”)
  1. Cards & Letters

After this convincing list Newman agrees and says that “Nobody Needs Mail”. After the post-office scene. Kramer later goes on a Mail is Evil campaign. On his flyers it reads in black Mail is Evil and other slogans. He hands them out to people walking around his van and tells them to spread the word and “FAX” it to a friend (As part of his mission to not use Postal Service mail envelopes). The van he uses is called the Mobile Postal Re-Education Center. He also has a dummy dressed up in a postal service uniform with a Mail is Evil flyer strapped to him with a bucket on his head. The bucket on his head symbolizes that we are blind to their tyranny also our persecution.

While he is walking down the street he tells Newman who drives up to him and says “I know I’m going to switch the bucket to something else”. Newman tells him that he is going to protect him but he gets kidnapped by a Postmaster General Henry Atkins. He ends his anti-mail campaign/anti-postal campaign going back to normal by getting mail like always before his actions of stopping it. At the end Newman is soon going to be persecuted which is unseen in the episode. Here is the video of the episode we just talked about. For more mail from the show click here. Also in The Wallet he says that all home package deliveries should be abolished because it renders homeowners vulnerable to intruders.

I’d like to cancel my mail

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