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Wall Street Protesters Can’t Win

I had this idea for a commentary but I never got around to it until now. Today I will talk about the Occupy Wall Street Protest. The OWS began on September 17 this year which took a stand against corporate greed companies such as big banks. It began as a rally but nobody knew it would last for this long which is now in its 4th month. The goals of the protest is to take down the wealth gap with slogans such as We are the 99% and stop Big Banks from taking our money with a government alliance.

To be honest this protest can’t win. It just can’t because despite being spread around the world in every continent the protest don’t have a leader and a motivator for people to take this seriously. Sure there are some celebrities & millions of protesters it doesn’t have enough support to have a rational idea in everyone’s minds.

The media doesn’t support it and neither does the government. So everyone who’s protesting is uneducated, don’t understand the value of money, and don’t have a life and how the world works.

So basically Wall Street Protesters Can’t Win


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