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How Fox News will take over other Media Networks

We here at the blog hate Fox News and so do the smart people. But did you know that Fox News is a network that could lie a threat to other news media networks. Networks such as CNN,CBS,Fox 5,Eyewitness News,NBC,MSNBC,CNBC,WPIX and others could be facing a threat from the evil corporation. After all the government should be doing an investigation on the network. There has been enough facts to prove that the corporation has been aiding terrorists, the republication party and even Nazism.

Fox has an alliance with Wal-mart called the FOX News-Walmart incorporation. This is an underground corporation which has a military group of at least 17,000 militia men and women. They have been training as far as 9/11. They support the 9/11 attacks acting like they didn’t know it was going to happen. A raid must be done at the headquarters and all of their staff,producers,executives must be in jail right now. All of them should face charges such as the one listed below

  • Conspiracy
  • Terrorism Charges (Waging war on the nation,aiding Al-Qaeda,Taliban and others against the U.S.)
  • Communist Charges
  • Being the reason Americas education is going down (Now it is going up not by FOX News)
  • No views on Freedom or independent views and opinion
  • Ruin/Hide/Twist the truth
  • All other 17 charges

It’s slogans such as Fair & Balanced proves that a network that has a logo that says it is the right one extremely proves that the network can’t live up to expectations. The government of America must look into this now otherwise they will take over the networks and will later become a world threat. The reason of education collapse. But now the education has been at a higher rate. Fox hired dumb hot chicks to be on TV live. Later Fox News entered more of a governmental point of view by firing the dumb chicks and hiring people such as Glenn Beck to go against the U.S. and make FOX rule the nation.

The networks views on the best type of government is communist and no belief of democracy.

With their militarily operations they will hack the servers on each media network and take control of it and claim they as their terrorist affiliate. It’s business affiliate has raised money to give their army weapons and aid.

Fox supports these evil nations

  • China
  • Cuba
  • North Korea
  • Iran

Most smart Americans would never dare to turn to the channel unless they want to see their evil reporting and how the nation should be avoiding it. This is How Fox News will take over other Media Networks.

We should all rise against FOX News and together we will make the network extinct!

FOX News is Evil!

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