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Only in Italy!!

Jealous wives in Italy have gone mad at their husband’s going to their local bar to be served by a pretty girl!! – The jealous other halves launched a petition to stop 27-year-old Loredana Popesciue from working at an establishment in the town of Cadelbosco Sopra, after her antics received widespread acclaim from male regulars.

Loredana likes to dance for her customers and the blonde bombshell often receives monumental tips from impressed punters.

The Romanian immigrant hasn’t gone unnoticed by local authorities though – she narrowly escaped punishment from the tax man and also health officials who came investigate her dance routine that involves ‘sexy underwear’.

‘Now I have a petition to deal with. These women are just jealous. I have Brazilian roots and I love to dance. What’s wrong with that?,’ she exclaimed.

‘I have nothing against these women. But if their husbands wanted to spend time with them, they’d be at home and not in my bar.’

Her delighted employer is revelling in the extra boom in business and even renamed the bar the Lory Pink Bar in her honour.

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