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Obama will Shutdown Fox News

Fox News is a channel that provides news and governmental topics. But it’s not what you think. It provides Bull-crap, bad news about our government and say its corporate and destroys the nation of America’s reputation. Fox has done nothing but ruin this great nation of ours. When news broke out that Osama Bin Laden died on May 2 this year. Fox News said that the U.S. captured him a week ago (before he died) then killed him on that day. Who’s going to be believe that if we wanted to kill Bin laden when we find we will but not for the News Network.

Remember our article on Glenn Beck. As he hates Obama and so does this network. Beck is the reason president Obama does not go on the network for a live interview over his health care bill proposal and acceptance. I figure that Obama has the power to shut down Fox News in order to give people from the south to rethink the decisions Fox News is giving them on government, politics, Obama, the status of this country and saving us for insanity to restore peace. So my point is made, Obama will Shutdown Fox News.


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  1. My thoughts exactly!


  2. Right on my man!


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