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Glenn Beck Hates America

Have you ever heard of Glenn Beck? You know the guy on the radio and who works for the Evil Fucking Bastard Fox News Network. Well he hates America. How do I Know? First of all he hates Obama. He thinks that the health care bill he got congress to sign is not a good thing. This health care bill that got passed in 2010 last year was a good thing and we needed it because how are we gonna take care of our selves.

Item number 2:He works for an evil news network

As I mentioned in the first paragraph above he works for Fox News. People who hate Blacks,African-Americans,Obama and who support terrorism,9/11,Bush work at the Fox News Network. That’s what Beck is. A Osama Bin Laden supporter he was upset that he got killed on May 2 which sparked a great sense of payback for what he did which Fox News supported on the day it occurred.

Beck is a racist. He hates Jews. Ah No surprise since he comes from German Descent from Hitler’s side of his family tree. He talked about reforming Judaism. Listen but I don’t mean to be rude as I respect all religions but why is there any reason to reform a religion that has been in this world for at least millions of years. Thank God this guy is not from New York otherwise he would be on AMWR (America’s Most Wanted Racists). He later “Apologized” saying his comments were ignorant. Yeah right what a dick.

This is all true about his conspiracies to destroy the world’s most beautiful and greatest country ever America. His citizenship should be wiped off permanently by the government by head boss president Obama.

If you support us against Glenn Beck join us and express your feelings in the comments below.

I Hate America-Glenn Beck


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