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Walmart will never be in NYC

Ah, Walmart a store that give you what you need to get back to school. Books,crayons,back-packs,etc… Well in other states that is and in small towns and rural communities. Well maybe in cities such as IDK like St.Louis. But why not in the Big Apple? Well it’s because Walmart has too many controversies and it destroy many small business which most of New York is made of. Small stores such as pizza places,99 cent stores,etc…

That’s why Wal-Mart will never be in the New York City. Wal-mart is an evil bastard corporation that wants to ruin people’s lives. Sure it has supplies that the city might need but for me I will keep my family,friends and my future wife and kids away from Wal-Mart because well it has been known to be anti-woman. It has been racist to African-American people. The store is kind of like Superstore USA in Family Guy. This store has tried to get into the city but protests and the government has forced it to stay out of the city forever unless if it tries again.

Walmart doesn’t care about your needs are it just wants money like they do in commercials which they claim their workers can match the prices to other stores who know they could beat them. If they are going to match their prices to other stores then that means they are just to lazy to actually have 20% off discounts to match other stores prices.

If you think Walmart is evil and whether it should or it shouldn’t be in New York City. Comment below.

Walmart is EVIL!

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