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Today So far

So I woke this morning and I found out that my Tivo on my flat screen TV got an update as the bar thing when you scroll got a little bigger and my recoding shows on the list show a bold red circle to show that the current show is recording. So anyway today there is some other news I got to tell you.

Other News

Last Night me and my sister had a fight as I finished the rest of the cake we had on fathers day.

Remember the crest mouthwash I had and I thought I threw it out or somebody else did in my house but it is still in my bathroom.

Also I forgot to mention that like 2 weeks ago my sister and my dad were spending some time because at our beauty salon we were doing some renovations with our lights to make them straight in a row on the roof. So me and my mom were spending time at home. So half and half in our family spending time. Also during that time my mom told me she saw news media surrounding Anthony Weiner in Austin street and took my baseball bat and told her in front of god to stop lying even thought we were fooling around.

Today for breakfast I had pasta and potatoes my sister made on father’s day(like above) so she put them in one and a finished the salad with the remaining number of sprite. Also I had a banana for lunch.

My mom’s friend gave me mail for my mom about some Yoga program at Hindu Center Temple in my area at Asa Mai Hindu Temple 45-32, Bowne St Flushing, NY 11355 on Saturday June 25,2011 from 3-7PM. Also my mom had a left a cooker on the stove in the kitchen and told to turn on the stove to a medium level and nothing else except I forgot to call her back in like 35 minutes but it made a buzzing sound but it was all right and my sister called just to make sure since I didn’t call my dad or mom back.

Also I found a dime on the dinning table in the living room and in my house we are running out of groceries also I finally threw out my old belt,dress shoes and the sprite bottle and the guava juice carton. Also my Nightlights in my bedroom and Kitchen no longer work and we threw out our old exhaust fans and got new ones.

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