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The Great Depression is still taking effect

Next up is what brought Americans to hell as the good times of the 20’s ended on October 30,1929. The stock market crashed. As many stock prices kept going off the roof and many people couldn’t afford for one overpriced stock of bread and were left to die on the poor hungry streets in the country. It don’t want to spend time talking about the details but what I want to talk about is Why The Great Depression is still taking effect. You must be thinking what this already ended how this taking effect. Well today America is trying to get of this “recent” recession. Well earning 5 dollars today is considered to be cool and back then they were like whatever because you were already rich and will accept any money with showing any emotion or facial expression unless if you were poor and living on the streets. World War 2 saved us but the current wars have no affect on our recovery. Will these wars helps get out of our recession?

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